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  • What is the emergency service phone number in Thailand?
    The phone number is 191 for emergency services.
  • Can I stay in the dormitory at Mahidol University?
    Unfortunately, no. Mahidol's dorms are not open to the general public. There are many inexpensive hotels and condos (that rent for the night) that are close to Mahidol University.
  • Do I need a Visa to enter Thailand?
    For more information on visa please visit:
  • Can I pay for the Congress at the event?
  • What is the easiest way to get to Salaya from the Airport?
    Taxi is the easiest way to get Salaya from anywhere in the city. Taxi service is relatively inexpensive and from Suvarnbhumi Airport the fare is usually 600 baht (approximately $20 USD) and takes about 1 hour. Go to the Taxi Stand which is outside the airport Level 1 (Ground).
  • Once inside Mahidol University, how do I get to the College of Music?
    There are 6 gates the allow access to Mahidol University, so be aware on which gate you enter. The College of Music is close to Boromaratchachanani Rd. (the main road brings you to Salaya). From Gate 3, the Mahidol's main entrance, turn left, go to round about second exit, pass the light, then look for the parking garage on the left side of the road, turn left on that road. You will pass Prince Mahidol Hall on the right. Take left turn before the exit gate, that is the road where the main entrance to the College of Music. You should see Boromaratchachnani Rd from the College entrance. See map of the Mahidol University on the info page. Gate 3
  • Are there restaurants near my hotel?
    Chances are, yes. Most people here rarely cook at home, so restaurants are everywhere. There are many outside street food style restaurants and also inside air conditioned restaurants. Dishes can range from $1-$15 USD. Enjoy the delicious Thai food, it's plentiful.
  • What is the weather like in Thailand?
    Thailand's has a tropical climate and it can reach 35 C or 95 F in the afternoon and 26 C or 80 F in the evening. Participants should expect hot and humid conditions upon their arrival. June is the beginning of rainy season too, so plan accordingly.
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